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claimsgalore's Journal

Claims Galore
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Welcome to claimsgalore!

Here you can claim whatever you want from shoes, to clebrities, to movies, to songs, you name it. There are a few rules you must follow in this community first:

1. Please check the claims list before you claim.
2. You may claim up to 3 things from each category. Categories will be made up as we go along.
3. If something you want is already taken, don't worry. Up to 3 people may claim the same thing. After 3 people have claimed it, it is unclaimable.
4. Mods get unlimited claiming access.
5. If you make us good graphics (I'm not talking something that was done in 5 minutes on paint) then you will get unlimited claiming as well.
6. Don't fight with someone over their claim.
7. If you delete or leave the community, your name will be removed from any claims you have made.
8. You are not really claiming these things, so keep that in mind that it's all for fun.
9. When you claim something, please link back to us in some way in your journal. If you want an example, just go to my info page and you'll see some of the ways I've done it.
10. Promote!

Enjoy yourselves!

Your mod is: dolphin_dsrtgrl |